64 Faces — a contemplative arts practice

Hi all,

Just thought I’d take this Bloom Blog opportunity to share about my new web site www.64Faces.com.

On this site, I share the fruits of a contemplative and creative practice I’ve been deeply immersed in as of late.

It may look like I’m just drawing faces. But really, I’m calling in beings — keepers of wisdom, and love, and compassion. This isn’t anything I planned. It just started happening. And I’m so grateful.



(Click on the image to go to the web site: www.64faces.com)

I genuinely feel connected to these Wisdom Keepers, and supported by them. I’m also holding the vision of them finding their way into people’s homes and offices, yoga studios and retreat centers. So they can do their healing, inspiring, empowering, awakening, soothing work… simply through their presence.

Please help me spread the word about the 64 Faces project!

(And let me know if there’s one — or more — in particular that speaks to you… I’d be so curious to hear!!!)

With love and excitement,


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