Are all Projectors loners?

A wonderful Designed to Blossom participant read something written by Richard Rudd about Projectors that made her feel uncomfortably challenged. The essential message in the piece of writing was that “Projectors need other people to make magic happen in their lives.”
Here are a few words from the participant, as she explored the discomfort as well as the resonance she felt in relation to the statement:

“First of all,¬†thank you (to another Projector in the group) for saying that you are a ‘loner’… because I guess I am one too. Probably because I am a loner, I find great comfort in relying on myself, or am just used to relying on myself. To hear that I actually need someone else to make the magic happen, makes me feel disempowered. But I also see that it might be true, because my current job came through an invitation from a person who recognized my ability in helping him with his work. And ever since that time, 7 years ago, I’ve constantly been invited by clients who have recognized my expertise, and this knowledge has spread by word of mouth only. I have never advertised my services ever. At the same time, I do work alone. Many times I have attempted to bring a friend or random person aboard and it has ended in disaster. So I stick to what works, which is working alone, with only perhaps the energy of the clients to help me get their work done. Rosy, or anyone, is that what it means to work with someone – my clients asking me for my help after recognizing my expertise?”


My response:  

I love how you take us through your multi-layered response to this quote on Projectors. (The initial irritation, the disempowered feelings, the reluctant resonance, the very good questions!) I also love that you’re allowing yourself to explore and trust in your own experience… to sift the parts that resonate from the parts that don’t. In the end, that’s the true gift of Human Design. Getting to a place where we trust ourselves and our own sense of things, regardless of what anyone else (including our own conditioned and temporarily hijacked minds!) is/are saying about us, who we are, and how we should be or feel.


I think it’s a very interesting thing you’ve noticed — that while you enjoy working on your own, you tend to find enjoyable work through your connections with others. That is a very common experience for Projectors. Doors often open through other people. Once you’ve walked through the door, you can do anything you like (generate, manifest, reflect, etc.)


A couple more Projector-related thoughts:

Projectors can experience tremendous amount of magic on their own. Learning, reading, writing, being creative, communing with nature, relaxing!!!!, enjoying vitality in their bodies, etc. are all ways that the Projectors I know tap into the delicious beauty of life.


At the same time, there is a particular kind of magic that make Projectors thrive… and that kind is deeply relational.


There are few things that light up a Projector more than a beautiful, authentic, inspiring relationship with someone that she truly ‘clicks’ with. It may be with an intimate partner, a dear friend, a professional collaborator, a creative buddy, or a client who hires you to do some work for them. Sometimes it’s enough to have someone on the other side of the planet who totally believes in you, knows what you’re capable of, and is cheering you on.


But what matters is that you have someone in your life (or more than one person) with whom you are genuinely, at your very core, gotten. This can give you the kind of energy and trust you need to transform lonely times into times of delicious solitude, or to engage fully and actively in the world, in ways that you find deeply fulfilling.


One thing I’ve noticed is that when Projectors really begin to practice their strategies, they begin to prefer solitude over being with people who don’t truly get them.


(That said, if they make sure to carve out regular time to be on their own, so that they can fill their cup and unplug from the craziness of the world, they tend to prefer being/working/playing with their people over anything else.) My sense is that in the coming years, you are going to find more and more of your true kindred spirits. And you’re going to have a whole new sense of the magic Richard Rudd is talking about. ; )


But that doesn’t take away the magnificence of the magic you’ve already experienced in your life… and in your own glorious company. Remember, one of our most essential relationships is the one we have with ourselves… And then, of course, the ultimate relationship is the one we have with ‘Spirit’ Herself… And that we can enjoy without anyone (obviously) around.


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