Confessions from a Human Design lover!

A few benefits from drinking only half the Kool-Aid


Even though I’ve had moments of self-doubt, I feel strangely fortunate to not have dived so deeply into Human Design that it became my entire world.


For one thing, I haven’t come to see Human Design as the only way to become liberated or a ‘good person’.


I haven’t felt the need to shut out the people in my life who aren’t living according to their designs.


I haven’t abandoned my mystical, communal and heart-centered focus or my faith in a shared ‘Siddhic or Oneness-oriented’ future.


I haven’t gone so deeply into the back-end of the Human Design system that my easily overstimulated mind has become obsessed with living life ‘perfectly’ in relation to line, color, tone, base…


And I am now feeling more grateful (than inadequate) for that!


In the end, I suppose, everything has its shadow.


A person can get so lost in the infinitely small, selfish, Darwinian, me-first, itty-bitty-heady color-tone-base tracking of Human Design.


A person could get so obsessed about the right and wrong of each choice, the impact of each little transit, etc. that the world can lose all of its magic and mystery, and the individual can become a harsh critic, seeing the entire world as a massive glob of Not-Self madness.


And of course, ‘high frequency’ meditators can’t get lost too — so lost in the big Spiritual picture, so high up in the clouds that they don’t notice what’s happening right in front of their noses. The small can be experienced as so irrelevant that people with the best of intentions can end up living somewhat disembodied lives, the most sophisticated of them finding extremely subtle ways to avoid having to deal with the spiritual lessons that await them in the oh-so ‘mundane’ world.


So I raise my glass to the dance of integration… and a half-filled glass of Kool-Aid.



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