Do Manifestors have to be the leader in a group?

A lovely Designed to Blossom participant wanted to learn more about the Manifestor’s need to “take charge”and to inform. He asked, “Do Manifestors have to be the leader in a group? What does ‘inform’ really mean? Is that a part of leadership? Should I understand it more as a natural teaching ability Manifestors have?”


Here was my response:

Great questions!


Everyone can have leadership abilities; not just Manifestors. Some Manifestors aren’t at all what you’d typically think of as ‘born leaders’, while many Generators, Reflectors and Projectors are!


There are all kinds of leaders. Those that lead like kings and queens, those that lead like shamanic warriors, those that lead like generals, those that lead from behind the scenes, those that are leaders in their field, those that lead like elected officials, those that lead through skilled facilitation or teaching, those that lead through innovative thinking, those that lead through personal example, through presence, etc.


When you think of Manifestors, think “initiators” more than leaders. They’re designed to inspire, to get the ball rolling, to spark ideas, enthusiasm or action in others. They can do it from the front of the room, or from the sidelines. They can stick around to support the building of an empire, or work their initiating magic and slip away. (But they don’t tend to thrive in too much maintenance work.)


What matters most is that they are not waiting for life to come to them and light them up, but rather, they are waiting to feel lit up from the inside, and then allowing that inner light to have its impact, to set the course for themselves and ideally the ‘right’ others.

(Ironically similarly to Projectors, I find that Manifestors feel very unfulfilled in misaligned relationships. There are few things more frustrating — or angering, or hurtful — than trying to initiate people who don’t appreciate or understand the value of what they want to do.)


Remember, there are different kinds of Manifestors. Emotionally defined Manifestors might wait years to get clear on what they’re here to initiate, while a more Splenically oriented Manifestor may be extremely spontaneous in her/his initiations. No Manifestor is here to initiate things based on ideas alone. (Even Manifestors aren’t here to make mental decisions, which I think surprises a lot of people… including Manifestors, who would LOVE to be able to just manifest their ideas.)


An Ego Manifestor — blessed with a very strong will — is likely to look more like what we tend to think of when we think of Manifestors.


Also, remember that two people with the same exact design can be living that design out in very different ways, depending on their conditioning and their level of self-awareness and emotional maturity. An Ego-Manifestor operating from fear can do a great deal of damage; just as another Ego-Manifestor operating from love can make an enormous, loving contribution to the world.


OK, it’s bed time for Rosy!


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