I recently listened to this wonderful podcast (Invisibilia: Entanglement) and wanted to share it here in my Bloom Blog, in case any of you (my much appreciated readers) are drawn to listening in.

There are so many interesting themes that are addressed in this thoughtful show that are resonant with the Human Design system and the Gene Keys — two great loves of mine.

The show speaks to the interconnectedness in the Universe, the surprisingly concrete impact that our thoughts and feelings can have on each other, and the potentially wonderful and insidious power of conditioning.

It also, through a fascinating story (about a woman named Amanda), speaks to the miraculous and at times challenging phenomenon of “Openness” — and just how sensitive we can be to each other.

For those of you who are interested in Human Design, I encourage you to listen to that particular story from a Human Design lens, in relation to what you’ve learned about Openness, how it operates in you, and in others.

Of course, not everyone is ‘open’ the way that this woman is. We’re all on a continuum. But there are aspects to her struggle, and her family’s struggles, that we may all relate to in different ways. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about the decision she made about how to live with her own sensitivities.

It’s a long show, (an hour?), but well worth the listen… all the way through.

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