(HD and Beyond) A few voices from our Splenic Authority Pool


A participant from the Designed to Blossom Program asked a wonderful question: “How does it feel to have Splenic Authority?” Here are a few of the responses shared by other participants. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And please feel free (if you’ve got Splenic Authority) to share how it feels for you!

Participant 1:  “Defining myself as Splenic was SUPER liberating, because I was carrying around this horrible notion of myself as being fickle, a changeling (also related to the open G I think, taking on any and many identities), and these labels were weighing me down because I kept thinking, if only I could be “normal” and steadfast like everyone else! But I was so happy to know and let it sink in that I am Splenic and can change. Strangely enough, the more I understand this, the less apt I am to be fickle…weird huh?”

Participant 2:  “I also thought of myself as fickle. But I was happy to hear that the Spleen could change from one moment to the next. It’s hard to explain to people why you’re saying no sometimes. “My Spleen said so” doesn’t work so well. Lol! I’ve started to become more aware of the feeling of “that’s not good for me.” Especially when related to things being said out loud. Sometimes I have to speak a decision out loud to get a good response. I get a kind of drop in energy. Or a feeling of sinking energy when things are a no go. Or an empty feeling. Sometimes it’s strong and other times just slight. It’s been challenging to listen to that vs. logic. Or what sounds good. But I’m learning to trust it. And I’m great at detecting lies.”

Participant 3:  “I feel it in the ways I will make quick decisions about what I want to do… when an offer comes and I feel a yes, I go.. I think of the intuitive qualities also that help me keep moving towards synchronicities.”

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