I have no time to myself, and I feel very unsupported.

One of the Designed To Blossom participants expressed something I think many of us can relate to. She wrote, “I’M SO BUSY ALL THE TIME.  I HAVE NO TIME TO MYSELF, AND I FEEL VERY UNSUPPORTED BY MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY.”


In so many ways, I relate very deeply to what you’re sharing here. I can imagine how much is happening in your life, and that there probably isn’t a simple solution. So I don’t want to oversimplify in any way.


At the same time, it sounds to me like you’re really missing yourself, at a deep level.


Sometimes when I find myself saying too many yes’s to other people, at the expense of my own relationship to myself, I not only feel less connected on the inside, but end up much more vulnerable to feeling abandoned and unsupported in my relationships.


At some point, if you haven’t already done it, it might be a good idea to have some heart-to-heart conversations with some of the people in your life whose support you’re missing. Perhaps it’s time to let them know how you feel, and what you need… and to listen too to what they might have to share with you.


But before you do that, I really want to invite you to take some much needed time for yourself… to give yourself the witnessing, love and support you’re so deeply longing to receive from others.


Perhaps you can take a walk in nature, or around the block, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.


Take some photographs of what inspires you.

Carve out some time to do something creative – knit, doodle, sing, dance.

Curl up somewhere, give yourself a big hug and watch a silly movie.

Or write yourself a love letter, full of empathy and supportive words, letting yourself know the ways you plan on continuing to prioritize yourself and your own needs.


I have the feeling that as you bring your own relation to yourself back into balance, your outer relationships will begin to reflect that. And your perception of what might be going on in those relationships might also shift.

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