I’m scared to shine. (Blossoming Requires RISK!)

Several course participants from the Designed To Blossom Program expressed concerns to me about ‘being too much’ or ‘taking up too much space’ in our shared private FB group. They speak for so many people who have learned that it isn’t safe to shine. So I’m sharing my response to them here, in case you’re one of those people whose blossoming has been either directly or subtly ‘discouraged’ at some point in your life.


As some of you may know, one of my all time favorite quotes is by Anais Nin:


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud 

was more painful than the risk it took to BLOSSOM.”


On the surface, ‘blossoming’ sounds like such a sweet, simple and happy word. But for most of us humans (especially the sensitive, empathic, creative, not-necessarily-conforming types), it can be one of the most difficult, terrifying, painful and seemingly dangerous things to do.


Blossoming requires risk. It just does.


Blossoming doesn’t always feel comfortable or natural – even if it’s in perfect alignment with our true nature.


Blossoming requires that we become increasingly transparent & generously expressive of our whole being.


So that means we see, embrace and share more of our light, more of our dark, more of our joy, more of our sadness, more of our gifts, and more of the thoughts, fears and internalized messages that hold us back from sharing those gifts.


It also means that we don’t wait to be perfect, or complete, or clear before we share.


It means that even if our minds are temporarily gripped by a brutal and potentially paralyzing self/other comparison trip, we share anyway!


In the end, and I’m sure you all can feel this; it’s all about energy.


I’ve been moved to tears by a gorgeous work of art.


I’ve been moved to tears by a stick figure drawing, pulsating with truth.


We are each unique expressions of this beautiful Universe, and everything that comes out of us – if it is real and sincere – will carry its own beauty and wisdom in it.


So please don’t hold back.


If you are feeling tempted to hold back (because you’re afraid of being too much, or too little), then start by sharing that!


The way to transmute the stuckness of shame is through the sharing of it.


So please, as you move through this Program (or your LIFE!), practice starting from EXACTLY where you are. There is beauty to be found there. I promise. Even in the darkest of shadows, in the most destructive self-doubt, in the biggest shame spiral… there is the potential for such richness, and love, and growth… as long as you dare to lean into it, and don’t reject yourself or your experience.


All unfolds perfectly from where you are… right now.


In case any of you didn’t see this one, here’s a link to a fun little video my husband and I (with my daughter Maya) made a couple of years ago… as the seed for this Program was (totally unconsciously) being planted.


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