Introducing “Walking a Fine Line: Being Professional in the New Age” (WFL 1)

A Prayer to the Quality Goddess

Quality Goddess, we ask for guidance.
May you bring us balance
as we strive to let spirit, inspiration and intuition soar freely through us, so that at the perfect moment,
we can capture, channel and transform your energy
into high thought, deep insight, and rightful action.



An Introduction

On September twelfth, 1967, I was born into a warm, lively, creative, socially and politically active, self-sacrificing and slightly neurotic Jewish-American family.


It only made sense, coming from a family like mine, that I chose psychology as my major at the University of Michigan and engaged in many extra-curricular activities there which were service-minded, “grassrootsy” and focused on personal and political empowerment. As I struggled for women’s rights, gay rights and the rights of any potentially oppressed people I could get my hands on, I did my best to save the world and myself.


Eventually, I began to long for a more spiritual approach to social and personal change, and began to study transpersonal psychology. I searched for a spiritual teacher and started taking a different kind of responsibility for my life and my world.


At the University of Seville in Spain during my Junior year, I met a free-spirited and artistic Dane who turned my relatively conservative academic life upside down. He helped me recall and reclaim my inner artist, the creative muse within that had always existed, but in subservience to the part of me believing I had to directly serve people to earn my right to exist.


So, instead of going down the expected care-taking Ph.D. track, I decided to explore my artistic dreams with this tall blond fairy tale and travel the world. As soon as I graduated, I stuffed my backpack with life’s bare essentials and headed towards the land of the Vikings.


Although it was never our plan to stay in Denmark, we did, or at least I did — for eight years, the last seven without the blond. For one year, I focused on my artwork, painting and exhibiting my work. The life of an artist in a new country, however, began to feel lonely and meaningless. I missed people, the feeling of being of service and of belonging, so, I began to study a form of rebirthing, a gentle breathing technique combined with a philosophy used to heal birth traumas both physically and psychically, developed and taught by an American woman named Binnie A. Dansby. I was able to integrate a life-enhancing philosophy to help myself and others, and I found myself a community and a way to make a living as a professional Rebirther.


Self-employed in 1991, I saw clients, taught and supervised in my private practice, and was a founder of “The Heart Chamber,” the Center for Water Rebirthing in Copenhagen. A short time later, I embarked on a 30-month training program at the Institute for Art Therapy in Kerteminde, Denmark, where I met my future husband. This training not only inspired me as an artist, but allowed me to bring a deeper understanding of the creative process into my work as a therapist, teacher and supervisor for professional ‘New Age’ or alternative practitioners.


In the mid 90’s, my husband and I decided to move to the States. Kim’s hunger for adventure joined my growing desire to reconnect with my American heritage, so we sold our home, packed our bags, and prepared ourselves for a profound journey. The last thing I expected to feel — while surrounded by moving boxes — was inspiration to write a book.


Looking back, I can see the perfect timing of this book’s arrival. I now understand that before I could enter a new chapter of my life, I needed to fully complete the last, acknowledging where I had been, what I had learned and synthesizing all the pieces into one symbolic form.


This book — Walking a Fine Line — was that symbol: the sacred ritual bridging my journey from past to future. It was also my way of expressing gratitude to all those who had given me so much over the years, of giving something back, of contributing my little piece to the cosmic puzzle. My deepest intention was that what I shared in the book would be used to enhance and inspire spiritual and professional communities around the world to raise the quality of our collective service, developing and growing as a planetary family of creative individuals.


It feels quite interesting for me to be taking this book out of the closet, where it’s been sitting for almost 20 years, so that I can share it here in this Bloom Blog (or at least parts of it). Even though there are aspects of what I share that feel dated, (and I’ve learned SO MUCH over the twenty years that have transpired since I wrote these words!), I still feel a relevance in what’s written here, and hope that you do too.


This is for any and all alternative healers, counselors, teachers, psychics, bodyworkers, Astrologers, (you get the idea), who are here to serve with as much integrity and authenticity as possible.

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