Introducing “Human Design & Beyond” — a Video Series

A while back, I created a casual video series, where I share some of my own percolations and experiences regarding my ongoing adventures in Human Design waters (and BEYOND).


I’ve been quite intrigued by the way that Human Design is evolving, to include a more Integral or transpersonal perspective, and have wanted to be as transparent as possible about how I’m making sense of it all in my own life.


Since I’m doing this Bloom Blog experiment, I thought I’d add these videos to the mix, for your entertainment.


(I’ll be posting videos from this particular series approximately every few weeks. There are 7 in total. So keep an eye out.)


If you do enjoy the videos, or at least find them to be stimulating food for contemplation and conversation, feel free to pass them along to anyone you sense might resonate. 


And now for the first video!


An Introduction



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