Manifestor: I don’t want to do it if I HAVE to do it

A Manifestor from the Designed to Blossom Program recently shared, “There is nothing I enjoy doing more than the feeling that I don’t HAVE to do anything. I love to help people and work with clients – but as soon as whatever I’m doing starts to feel like there is obligation there that is stronger than the desire I have to do the task – I don’t want to do it anymore.”  Even though she sensed that others were judging her to be uncommitted and lazy, for her, Freedom was more important than any task,  job or activity that she might do.  This was my response. 

I LOVE what you’re writing here. And as a Generator, I only have admiration for what you’re expressing. There is such wisdom in it… for Manifestors (and for all of us).


What I’m hearing (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that you’ve found a personal honing device, a question you can ask yourself at any moment to find out whether you’re ‘in the freedom zone’, or not. When you’re in the freedom zone, you’re on track. Freedom is a state of being that you can slip in or out of, depending on how you’re holding what you’re doing, and what’s happening in your awareness.


It is super important for Manifestors like you to feel ‘at choice’ in their lives, and not to be chronically acting out of obligation, guilt, or slavery. The more you feel free — no matter what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with, the more powerful, inspiring & positive your impact will be as a Manifestor.


Just asking yourself this simple question allows you to check in with yourself. It’s like an alignment tune-up. Simply asking the question “Do I feel like I have to do this,” and then reminding yourself, “I don’t HAVE to do anything that doesn’t feel right,” can actually pave the way for you doing the very same thing, but from an empowered place.


It’s like a chiropractic adjustment. Same body. Same spine. Same limbs. Just better aligned when motivated by choice and freedom. In the end, it’s always going to be so much more about where you’re coming from when you do something (i.e. from a place of expansion, freedom, passion… vs. contraction, guilt, enslavement) than it is about what you’re actually doing.


Another thing I’ve been meditating on lately is about Purpose. We’re so used to thinking about Purpose as something we’re meant to DO in this world. For me, the more I contemplate it, the more I find that Purpose has nothing to do with what I’m doing… and so much more about who/how I’m BEING.


One could say, the true Purpose of the Manifestor is to BE and EMBODY FREEDOM, to truly understand, claim and radiate that state of consciousness. And then, there may be actions, projects, or ‘things’ that the Manifestor gives shape to in the material world… but they’re just forms that the deeper Purpose of Freedom have taken. They’re not the Purpose itself. Just felt like offering that up.


Again, I always like to look at all of the elements of HD as archetypal invitations for all of us to play with. So there is a Manifestor in all of us. We are all here to experience freedom in our lives, to feel genuinely ‘at choice’, empowered… and surrendered. Perhaps our ‘Strategies’ or ‘Authorities’ are different, or the way our paths unfold are unique, but there is something essentially true about what you are saying for all human beings.


In the end, what we’re all working on is getting ‘in the flow’ — in the flow of our True Nature, in the flow of the cosmos. When we’re ‘in the flow’ or aligned with ourselves, we just naturally enjoy what we’re doing — even if requires effort. When we’re in the flow, we experience ourselves as unique cells in the planetary body. We just naturally feel fed and nourished while we’re feeding and nourishing others. In that state, there is no such thing as self-sacrifice, obligation or compromise.


So your question, “Do I really HAVE to do this?” or, “Would I still do this even if I didn’t have to do it?” are good ones for all of us to ask ourselves.


Other fun questions to play around with:

A Projector might ask, “Even if I think I HAVE to do this, do I have to do this with this particular person?”

A Generator might ask, “Even if I think I HAVE to do this, do I have the energy to do it right now?”

A Reflector might ask, “Even if I HAVE to do this, is this the environment or community I need to be doing this in?”


My guess is that a lot of the time, when our minds are convinced that we HAVE to do something, we’re majorly under the influence of those old conditioning voices.


I’ve often found that I feel my YES’s much more strongly when I’ve first given myself permission to say and feel a NO. Here’s a blog post I wrote about that, if you’re interested. Would love to hear others’ thoughts on your sharing.


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