(MISSION) Recovering from Life-Purpose Amnesia

MISSIONRecovering from Life-Purpose Amnesia 
— 6 Simple Principles
Can you relate to any of these statements?


  • You suffer from Life Purpose Amnesia.  You’re sure you have a greater mission in life, but it seems to have gotten lost in the laundry.


  • You miss yourself. Just having a moment to sit down, remember & take seriously your dreams… feels like an impossible dream!


  • “Going back to work” doesn’t really interest you anymore.You want to go forward to something, but you don’t know what.


  • You know you’re meant to do something big with all of that grace, grit and wisdom you’ve accumulated throughout your Mother years, but you need serious help in re-envisioning your mission.


  • You’ve grown and learned so much from being a mom. You feel totally restructured on the inside. But you look around and can’t see a trace of your transformed self reflected on the outside. You want your inner and outer life to be more accurately matched.


If  you can, you’re not alone.


So many of the moms (parents, maternal beings) I work with struggle with this deeper question,“What is my true mission in this life?” 

Of course, one of the first things I feel compelled to remind them (at the risk of annoying them; because most of them already know it) is that they’re already living out one of the most meaningful, beautiful life missions there is…

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” they say, while rolling their eyes.  “I know that, BUT…”

And of course, I know exactly what they mean.

As an artist, writer and activist-at-heart, with some big creative dreams of my own, I know how it feels to love and value the “art” of being a mom, and simultaneously, to know that there’s something else I’m also meant to contribute to this world.

I also know the pain of either not knowing what my ‘other purpose’ is, or not believing that I actually have what it takes to fulfill that purpose.

Several principles (of course paradoxical) have helped me in my own life, when it’s come to this question of purpose, or mission. And I’d like to share them with you.


My true mission is probably something extremely simple, and easily applicable to countless situations.

  • (i.e. Maybe your mission is simply to hold nothing back, to live as whole-heartedly and authentically as you can each moment.   Or maybe your mission is to love and be loved.  Or maybe it’s to embrace and share your gifts with the world in a way that empowers people to do the same.)


My mission is not equal to my job description… (though it’s important that I feel deeply connected to my mission, no matter what I’m doing on the surface).


My mission must somehow involve my deepest wound and all I’ve learned from working with and through it.


My mission must come naturally to me.  It has to involve something I can’t even help but do… something I do in my sleep, when I’m sick, when I’m not in the mood.


My mission must require that I take risks. It must stretch me in some way, make me willing to break through my fears.


My mission isn’t really about me at all.  It’s about getting ‘out of my way’ and being of service.

So now I invite you to play around with these six simple principles and see/share what you discover.  


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