(ORGANIZATION) In my humble opinion…

ORGANIZATIONIn My Humble Opinion


In my humble opinion, one of the greatest lessons all moms (and maternal, service-oriented beings!) must learn at some point – unless they want to go crazy — is to EMBRACE CHAOS! 


From the moment of conception (and even before then!), we learn that when push comes to shove, we have pretty much no control over most things in life.  So we might as well let go and have some fun.


One of my favorite movies (and now TV shows) is “Parenthood,” directed by Ron Howard.  I totally love one of the final scenes where all hell breaks loose during a school play.  While the kids wreak havoc on and off stage, the audience (full of parents) is depicted as riding a wild and glorious roller coaster.  Some of the parents are holding on for their dear lives, all contracted and full of anxiety. (Steve Martin plays one of them brilliantly.) Others have big grins on their faces, and arms joyously flailing up in the air.


The invitation of this classic film, of course, is to surrender to the ride of life.  It’s wild, surprising, completely out of our control, and wonderful all at the same time.


You might wonder why I use this particular scene as a tribute to this post on ORGANIZATION.  I do so because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the solutions to most problems are paradoxical in nature.


If we want our lives to be more organized as moms (and I definitely believe this is a worthy goal that can have an incredibly positive impact on our lives), then we’d be wise to simultaneously embrace the fact that PERFECT ORDER is not what it’s about.


Organization at its best facilitates and enhances life.  

Perfect order squeezes every last drop out of it.

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