If you’ve got questions about the Program:



As soon as you sign up!  This is designed to roll out like a home-study or home-play course. As soon as you’re ready, you can begin! 



Only your readiness and willingness to try something new, a good understanding of the English language…


Birth DATE (Month, Day, Year), PLACE (City, State, Country) and Exact Time
This information is especially important for the Human Design portion of this program.


If you don’t have your precise birth data, there are ways to access that information, depending on where and when you were born.  

Here’s a link to get you started:




In the end, only you know what there’s room for in your life, and what you’re ready for. Please don’t feel pressured to sign up right away if you’re not feeling sure. Take your time. If you feel excited, happy, relaxed and open, that’s a good sign. If you feel overwhelmed, or like this is something you SHOULD do (“because if you did, then bla bla logical bla”), then I encourage you to wait a bit. This may not be the right time for you, or the right fit.  Butterflies are OK. A feeling of aliveness, and “Oh, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, but I’m excited anyway!” is totally fine. I just don’t want you doing this if you feel pressured, obliged or afraid of what might happen if you don’t.



This program isn’t necessarily super time-consuming, but you will get so much more out of it if you can tend to the process as you would a sweet flower in a garden.

If you’re really feeling a ‘yes’, but you’re worried you won’t be able to carve out the time, I encourage you to look more closely at your life and see whether there’s anything you’re doing, that you don’t necessarily have to do, that’s not supporting your blossoming. You can use this as an opportunity to do a little Spring Cleaning and Priority Shifting. At some point, if you really want to learn how to be true to yourself, you’re going to have to let certain things go.

If you life is full, and there’s nothing that feels right to change right now, then please wait!!! Come back another time. Don’t use this program to add yet another stressor to your list. The idea here is to help you — slowly but surely — release stress from your life, by letting go of unrealistic expectations, letting go of activities that don’t truly nourish you, and no longer living from a place of panicky shoulds.



That’s a fine question to be with.  This may not be for you, and that’s totally OK.  I invite you to go through the Check List on the “Designed to Blossom Program” Page and see if that helps you get any more clear. Talk to a friend about it, to someone who knows you really well. Sometimes the people who love us know when we need a little nudge in a blossoming direction, and when we need to give ourselves permission NOT to do something. You’re also free to contact me if you have more questions (that aren’t already answered in the Q & A section.)



Possibly. It depends on what you’re wanting. If you’re wanting an inspiring, fun introduction to Human Design, for your own personal growth purposes, this is a great place to be.  That said, this is definitely not an official Human Design course. So if you enroll in this program, while you’ll get a great introduction to the Human Design system, it won’t ‘count’ as fulfilling an educational requirement on an official HD analyst track.  Though I’ve completed all of the educational requirements for the Jovian Archive professional analyst track, I’ve chosen not to become a certified Human Design Analyst in order to allow myself maximum freedom, creativity and flexibility in my work. I embrace a more Integral and gentle perspective as well. So, if you’re looking for something more official (or “purist”), I recommend that you check out some of the more official Human Design resources out there.  (Jovian Archive, International Human Design School, Human Design America, etc.)


Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Few things would make me happier. I’m honing in on women here, but some of the most ‘blossomy’ beings I know are men. So, if you can relate, are interested in Human Design, and are open to a creative adventure, you are totally and completely welcome! 

(Here are a couple of testimonials from some wonderful men who are familiar with my work, just so you can see you’re not alone!)

“Rosy’s Human Design reading was an amazing experience of being fully appreciated and praised for all the parts of myself and life experiences I held in contempt and judgment. Not just facts and figures, but the way Rosy interpreted and delivered the H. D. chart information is what was so impressive and therapeutic to me. Very powerfully, intuitively, empathically, compassionately and so joyfully, Rosy told me the story of my self; introducing me to my long lost Truest Self. Rosy truly knew me better than I knew myself and completely reframed my perspective regarding my life’s journey, purpose and accomplishments. I discovered I was more on track than I thought and very creatively fulfilling my life purpose mission. Not only am I right where I’m supposed to be but ahead of the curve in many ways. For the first time in my life I am able to accept and fully embrace my creative ingenuity and allow ‘not knowing’ and trusting the unfolding of life’s process to be my Muse rather than my Nemesis. Thanks Rosy. You are truly an amazing gift to all the lives you touch. ~David Scheel, a natural Empath and Change Agent who facilitates True Self Re-membering and Embodiment. To learn about the groups David is currently offering, visit: http://www.meetup.com/RESOUL



“This Human Design information can be confusing.  But, shared with someone rooted in Love and Integrity such as Rosy, it begins to open, maybe…..unfold…who we are.”

“I had heard about Human Design from my friend in California. She is so experimental about new information, that I sometimes disregard her suggestions. But, perhaps because I’ve always wondered about my own design, I Googled, and came across a lengthy list of information and practitioners.  Scrolling down I came across “Rosy Aronson”, and instinct took over.  I was soon to learn that listening to this instinct would open doors, and address questions that ‘logic’ never could.  

When I received my chart, I just felt recognized…that’s me, described in a new language!

  Exploring the depth and richness only hinted at in the chart, the reading I received was more like a…blanket…than a description.  It comforted me, revealing an inner guide and self-trust I had never really dared to rely upon. Listening, I relaxed into who I am, and found myself…..loving…the uniqueness of me!

  But my excitement, and the wealth of this work still hadn’t reached its peak. I arranged a phone interview with Rosy to discuss how a ‘projector’ such as myself could engage in relationships in new ways. Two things happened:  her voice, from the first “Hello, Brett” carried such acceptance, even love, that I knew instantly I trusted this person with my deepest secrets.  

And, from that conversation alone, my relationships immediately took on more fullness.  Someone stepped forward to invite me to share a place to live; the woman I’ve been dating found a new interest in me; I felt free to choose how much of myself to reveal in conversations.  And, my own compassion and understanding have grown, making others feel safe about sharing with me.

I came to this planet with the unwavering belief that each person has everything they need already ‘installed’.  Human Design is a way to discover what we have within, and how it can be reached and expressed to give shape to the life we live.”

~Brett Diethert, 
Imaginist, dreamer, poet, writer, student, 
offering dream interpretation and (re)writing skills, 
brett@iamdreamingnow.com, Author of Re-Vision: The Art of Prosperity 
and The Voice of Emotion



armand“At once a mentor, therapist and spiritual adviser, Rosy’s wisdom emanates from a deep well of empathy and a fully lived life and inspires you to live your dream.


Rosy’s capacity to see your essence and hear the longings of the deepest voice inside of you is her special gift. Filled with emotional generosity, Rosy showers you with her nurturing energy and her compassionate gaze.  This unique quality of holding and presence permits you to glide into the necessary exploration where you can begin to map the emotional, spiritual and practical terrain of your journey.”

~Armand Volkas, MFA, MA, MFT, RDT/BCT
, Clinical Director of The Living Arts Counseling Center
, Artistic Director of The Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble and Healing the Wounds of History

, www.livingartscenter.org




It’s totally up to you!  If you’d like to do this with a dear friend, or a group of friends, wonderful.  Please invite your friends to sign up with you!  (And try to arrange it so you sign up on the same day, so you can all be on the same schedule.)  The great thing about an online course is also that you can do this with friends from around the world!  For some of us, there’s nothing like having supportive allies who can join us in our blossoming process.

If you can feel that this is a gift that you’d like to give yourself, a private retreat for you and you alone, I totally encourage that too. Remember, we’re all different. And the most important thing I want you to get out of this program is TO TRUST & HONOR YOUR OWN WAY!




While I have years of training (both an MA and PhD) in psychotherapy and the counseling arts, I am not presently working as a therapist. I’m more like a confidence, creativity and blossoming coach. I am also an ordained minister, providing something more akin to spiritual counseling than psychotherapy. The work I do in my private practice is with highly functional people, for whom ‘spirit’ plays a central role in their life. I do not give diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure. While this program may have deeply therapeutic effects, it is not therapy either.




“No system, no bit of knowledge on its own, can melt those areas inside of us where we’ve been frozen by fear or deeply hurt.”

I firmly believe that in the end, we must learn to trust and open ourselves to another – whether it be a psychotherapist, an intimate partner, a dear friend, or a spiritual counselor. Our bodies and hearts must know that it is safe to experience our wounds in the presence of others, to know that we are indeed lovable — even when we’re feeling the least lovable.

At the same time, I have found that particular therapeutic & creative modalities (i.e. somatic, expressive arts and drama therapies) and certain systems (like Human Design) can have an enormously positive impact on our transformational process, on our capacity to live and relate authentically, as well as to prosper and enjoy good health.


A system like Human Design
allows us to access places that can be
hard to reach through talk or mind alone.

The best psychotherapists rarely tell us what to do. Instead, they encourage us to find our own answers, to uncover our own truth. What psychotherapists CAN’T always share with us is… HOW EXACTLY we are designed, as unique beings, to find our own answers.

Because of this, in traditional talk therapy, we’re often left wading our way through a quagmire of emotional and historical complexities, relying on our minds’ analytical capacities to solve our problems.

But the answers to Life’s Biggest Questions are rarely found – or resolved — by the Analytical Mind.

Perhaps this is why throughout my life, I have felt called to explore and deepen into other ways of knowing – alternative ways of accessing truth.

So my aim in sharing Human Design is not to replace a deep healing process that can and often should occur within a long-term relationship. My aim is to enhance that process, to deepen it, to make it more efficient.

When you understand HOW YOU WORK, how you most easily access your own truth, you can then bring this self-knowledge (and self-acceptance!) with you into the counseling room, and ultimately, into the greatest experiment of all …Relationship itself.
And I’m not talking about the big, flashy ‘WOW’ kind of transformation that we’re often promised.

I’m talking about a deep slow transformation, one where we can really learn how to LIVE, RELATE, SERVE and CREATE with authenticity. I’ve experienced this in my own life, and in the lives of countless friends and clients.


When you genuinely engage
in a Human Design experiment,
you transform your life.




I’ve given countless Readings over the years, and have learned so much from the experience. At the moment, my intuitive belly has been quite engaged in finding creative ways to make Human Design available to more people, and so I don’t do as many single Human Design Readings as I used to.

However, I do offer some Readings as well as Authenticity Coaching, to which I bring the entirety of my toolbox and passions to my sessions with clients — including a deep and highly personalized understanding of their unique design.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of doing a piece of work together, please visit my personal site, browse around, and contact me:  www.RosyAronson.com




I’ve been around the self-development block more than a few times. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that our human lives are far too unique and complex for one-size-fits-all approaches to personal or spiritual growth.

I’ve never felt comfortable ‘selling’ myself or my work, nor have I felt drawn to quick fixes – whether promised by New Age gurus, skillful therapists, marketing legends, or eager dieticians.

No matter how impressive a system is, if it is held with rigidity and applied to all people in all situations, it often falls short of its true potential.

Sometimes systems enter our lives just when we need a map to journey from one place to the next. And then, once we’ve ‘arrived’ at our integrated destinations, they fall away, as they should.

That said, Human Design is one of the first ‘systems’ I’ve encountered that doesn’t claim authority over anyone. Instead, it puts our authority right back into our own hands. And it does so in a profoundly respectful, empowering and practical way.



I’ve always had a deep appreciation for systems that managed to synthesize diverse, even paradoxical bodies of knowledge & wisdom.  When I met Human Design and began to study it seriously, I was absolutely blown away by its breadth and depth.  As practical as it is mystical, Human Design weaves in modern science (quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics and neurogastroenterology — the science of the ‘gut-brain’) with some of our most ancient systems for understanding the universe and our own nature (the Zohar/Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, both Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’ Ching and the Hindu Chakra system).  It is important to understand that although HD includes both modern and ancient traditions, the translation of each isn’t exact.  This is a true synthesis, where the ‘whole’ becomes something different, and larger than the sum of its parts.

What I love even more about Human Design than its depth and complexity is its utter accessibility.  You don’t have to study it, or even believe in it, in order to benefit from it.  You just have to be willing to give it a try, to do a little experiment in your everyday life. The rest is intellectual icing on the conceptual cake.

Jovian Archive Corporation is the international rights holder for the Human Design system, as well as the teachings of Ra Uru Hu, the originator of the system.

The International Human Design School (IHDS) is the official gateway to education in Human Design — both general and professional.




Human Design is quite different from Astrology, although it does have astrological components.

One of the most important distinctions is this: Human Design provides people with more than a personality or soul description or a way of ‘understanding’ oneself from an interesting, yet largely intellectual perspective. It’s not a predictive science either, in the way that Vedic or certain kinds of Astrology can be.

It’s actually an invitation to enter into a concrete, practical and highly unique experiment.  (Ideally, you DO Human Design. You play with it. You try it out. You don’t just receive and contemplate information.)

It’s through an integrated practice over time that people often find themselves feeling more free to be who they are, to live out their true purpose, to be more self-trusting in their everyday (as well as big life) decisions, and less ‘pressured’ by the world to be or do anything that isn’t really aligned with their nature. Speaking as a parent, it can be extremely helpful in learning to how to honor and support our children, as the unique individuals that they are, and in understanding some of the intense family dynamics that arise.

Another thing is that Human Design addresses the intersection between Nature and Nurture. Astrology — and other Soul Reading systems — are much more focused on our Nature. They can tell us so much about who we are, our strengths and challenges, where we’re coming from, where we’re headed, how our Soul-personality is connected to the collective transits/archetypes, etc.

What these systems don’t necessarily address are the ways in which we’re open to the conditioning and/or nurturing influences in the world around us… and how those influences impact our way of thinking and acting and decision-making, and how they can either bring us closer to our Nature, or farther away.

Astrology doesn’t address in the same way the distinction between what is conscious in us and what is operating below the surface — or between the mind and the body.

I kind of think of Astrology (which I love, by the way!) as a wonderful way to understand our Soul.

Human Design is less interested in the Soul on its own. It’s more interested in the particular (and sometimes paradoxical) relationship between the Soul and the specific Body in which the Soul dwells.

Often our Soul and Genetic hardwiring have completely different agendas for us. This can make it really hard to make decisions… because our ‘higher self’ wants one thing, and our body is attracted to something entirely different!  The place you are designed to turn to for truth, your unique “inner Authority,” is ultimately determined by the unique chemistry between your Soul and Body. It’s actually quite amazing.

There’s so much more, of course… but I guess the most important thing is that HD is a practice… and an experiment… with very practical applications. It’s not just interesting information.

And, it’s ultimately about learning how to live, learn and make decisions from an entirely different place than we’re accustomed. Not from the mind.