Questions from a skeptic

A while back, I received an email full of intelligent questions about Human Design from a lovely person and seasoned astrologer. He had been exploring and experimenting with Human Design on his own, and was wondering about the usefulness and validity of the aspect of Human Design we call “Profile.” He openly shared his skepticism, which I very much appreciated, given my own skeptical tendencies. Here was my response, in case it has any relevance to you.


Thanks so much for your great questions!

Honestly, I could respond in so many ways. I could get technical on you, but I really don’t feel like it.

I could share about how learning about my Profile has helped me personally over the years, in a very subtle but lovely way. (Both my husband and daughter share the same Profile as me, and I can really feel a resonance between us that is quite different than what I’ve sensed and witnessed in other families. Sometimes, the best way to sense a ‘rightness’ or truth in something like the Profile is noticing resonance in people, over time.)

Or I could share about how the Lines are for the most part archetypes. We all have all of them in us, just with slightly different proportions.


Or, I could share that in the end, I have no idea if any of this is ‘right’ or true, and I wouldn’t want to play the role of convincing you — or anyone — that it is.

For me, in the end, it’s always about energy… I’m mostly interested in a piece of knowledge when it has a permission-giving, relaxing, empowering or transformative impact on me, or someone else.

‘Information’ has value (or truth) for me when for some mystical, unexplainable reason, it comes in a form and at a time in a person’s life when they are particularly primed to receive the inherent, essential gift within that (seemingly solid yet very transient) ‘information package’.


Also I’ve found that a genuinely transformative alchemy between ‘giver’, receiver and system seems to take place when the information/system comes through a giver whose innate intuition (or capacity to impart their unique form of wisdom) is genuinely activated through that particular form.


So ironically, while I obviously love Human Design and have experienced its empowering impact on myself and countless others over the years, I do feel that a telephone book could be just as transformative, if its delivery was imbued with love and wisdom, if the ‘teacher’ was genuinely inspired by the telephone book, and if the person on the receiving end — for some reason — was particularly open to receiving a spiritual transmission through a telephone book.


I don’t mean to minimize the form of Human Design, or any system for that matter. I actually believe that there are aspects to the form of Human Design that address the living art of self-trust in ways that I haven’t encountered in other systems. But I certainly am not here to idealize, magnetize or defend it either. : )


One more obvious thing re. the generic descriptions of the Lines:


The Lines (Profile) work best when an understanding of them is woven together with the particular keys/gates they’re connected to, along with the rest of the multi-faceted design (and even better, along with the actual person who has her own relationship to the design, and her life — conscious and unconscious).


As with Astrology, the artistry of a Reading is mainly in the weaving together of the various aspects of a chart + the intuitive magic of the Reader + the relationship between Reader and Readee. (Sum is greater than the parts.) For example, any sign — like “Leo” — can have a generic flavor, if looked at on its own. But when suddenly, you’ve got Venus & Uranus conjuncted in Leo, trining Saturn in Scorpio, right on the Ascendant, you start getting into something interesting.

Color and nuance are born through relationship.

Hope I answered your question, even though I didn’t really answer your question!


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