Is Human Design Better than Therapy?

I can only answer this question from my own perspective. And of course, I’m happy to do it — as long as you realize that another Human Design professional might have a very different opinion than me.

(In the end, as much as I love Human Design, I am more a spiritual counselor and relational artist than a Human Design analyst.)


Given what I’ve learned from my own life experience, I do not believe that any system, or bit of knowledge on its own, can melt those areas inside of us where we’ve been frozen by fear or deeply hurt.


What I do believe, especially when it comes to liberating ourselves from the impact of our deepest life challenges, is that we must learn to trust and open ourselves to another – whether it be a psychotherapist, an intimate partner, a dear friend, or a spiritual counselor. Our bodies and hearts must know that it is safe to experience our wounds in the presence of others, to know that we are indeed lovable — even when we’re feeling the least lovable.


At the same time, over the years, I have found that particular therapeutic & creative modalities (i.e. somatic, expressive arts and drama therapies) and certain systems (like Human Design) can have an enormously positive impact on our transformational process, on our capacity to live and relate authentically, as well as to prosper and enjoy good health.


A system like Human Design
 allows us to access places that can be
 hard to reach through talk or mind alone.


The best psychotherapists rarely tell us what to do. Instead, they encourage us to find our own answers, to uncover our own truth. What psychotherapists CAN’T always share with us is… HOW EXACTLY we are designed, as unique beings, to find our own answers.


Because of this, in traditional talk therapy, we’re often left wading our way through a quagmire of emotional and historical complexities, relying on our minds’ analytical capacities to solve our problems.


But the answers to Life’s Biggest Questions are rarely found – or resolved — by the Analytical Mind.


Perhaps this is why throughout my life, I have felt called to explore and deepen into other ways of knowing – alternative ways of accessing truth.


So my aim in sharing Human Design with people is not to replace a deep healing process that can and often should occur within a long-term relationship. My aim is to enhance that process, to deepen it, to make it more efficient.


When you understand HOW YOU WORK, how you most easily access your own truth, you can then bring this self-knowledge (and self-acceptance!) with you into the counseling room, and ultimately, into the greatest experiment of all… Relationship itself.


And I’m not talking about the big, flashy ‘WOW’ kind of transformation that we’re often promised.


I’m talking about a deep slow transformation, one where we can really learn how to live, relate, serve and create with authenticity. I’ve experienced this in my own life, and in the lives of countless friends and clients over the years.


If you’ve never heard of Human Design, click here for an introduction.


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