Thoughts on Victimization, inspired by a Byron Katie quote

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Recently a rich conversation emerged in the Designed to Blossom Program, when one of our participants shared a provocative quote she saw on Facebook, attributed to the well-known teacher Byron Katie.

The quote read, “Victims are violent people.”

In response to the intelligent and compassionate conversation taking place in the Designed to Blossom group, I felt inspired to respond in the form of a video sharing.

This whole subject of “victimization” — and how we all perceive, define and deal with it — is one that I care a lot about, and one that feels particularly relevant to what’s happening in the world today. I hope some of what I share about carries some relevance for you too, and welcome you to join in on the conversation.

This video was recorded on Thanksgiving day, 2014, which feels particularly appropriate. For this quote brings up the question, “Should we be grateful for our suffering?” And how can we make lemonade out of lemons, without invalidating or bypassing our own (and each other’s) very human — and very real — experiences of pain?

An extra link to the video on youtube, in case the image above doesn’t work!

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