What if I don’t relate to a part of my design?

While the majority of people I’ve worked with have related a great deal to their designs, it’s very common that there are parts of their design that they don’t relate to. There are parts of MINE I don’t relate to!  So, here’s my response to a Designed to Blossom participant who was concerned about not being able to relate 100% to what she’d learned about her design.

It is perfectly normal and healthy for you – or anyone studying this system, or any system — not to relate to everything that you hear about your design.


I think it’s very important that you don’t just swallow whole everything you learn about yourself, or try to squeeze yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit.


If you do, you run the risk of letting Human Design become one more ‘conditioning force’, pressuring you to be, act and identify with something/one other than who you are.


This is why it’s so important that we hold this lightly, and as an experiment.


That said…


As a general rule: If you hear something about your design and you have a LOT of resistance to it, then I invite you to explore it further. It may not be relevant at all. But there might be something there.


Often, the more strongly we feel the need to reject something, the more likely it’s reflecting a ‘shadow’ aspect of our being, one worth looking into.


So ‘try the description/strategy/quality on’ for a while and see if it fits. Even if it doesn’t, you may gain some wonderful lessons from the process of exploration.


Another thing to keep in mind:  Sometimes the RED aspects of our design reveal aspects of our nature that we’re not so aware of. So it can be helpful and interesting to ask the people who really know us well (who we really trust) whether they can see a certain tendency in us. Perhaps your friends, family, colleagues, mentors are seeing something that you’re not seeing.


If it something keeps feeling just not right – in a kind of neutral way, then I say just let it go.


Who knows? You may find yourself relating to it some months, or years down the line. That happened to me, and to many of the clients I’ve worked with. Human Design can take a long long time to fully understand and integrate.


And that’s perfectly OK too!


I also encourage you not to reject the whole Human Design kit and kaboodle, just because some of it doesn’t fit. Very likely, at the very least, there is a beautiful baby in that experimental bathwater!

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