When should I take someone’s advice, or accept a ‘system’/life philosophy?

A Designed to Blossom participant had received some Human Design advice from someone, and she wasn’t sure whether to take it or not. ¬†Here was my response.


Sometimes I find it really helpful, when trying to discern whether a piece of advice, system or life philosophy is a ‘right’ one for me or not (at least in the moment), is simply to notice how it impacts me when I take it in.


Do I find myself more relaxed, more trusting, more courageous, more inspired, more myself as I receive it?


Or do I find myself more full of self-doubt, judgment, hopelessness?


Even if the advice (philosophy or system) itself is wonderful, if I’m using it against myself, its essentially wise nature becomes distorted and it becomes more damaging than helpful.


Sometimes tough love is just what I need to get off my insecurity-butt and move into action… or finally let go of something that I’m not meant to act on at all.


Sometimes some tenderness and self-acceptance for myself and my creative process (even if it’s not such a glamorous one!), is just what the doctor ordered.


As always, it’s a dance.


From a Human Design perspective, our unique way of learning about anything (a system, a philosophy, a skill set, an education, etc.), can be so incredibly different.


Some of us are designed to leap off the cliff and let our intuitions speak unhindered.


Others of us are designed to be more methodical and studious in our approach.


Some of us learn by doing and experimenting.


Some of us learn better by apprenticing or learning from the masters.


Others by getting a doctorate in the field.


We’re all so different. That’s what makes our individual voices so unique…. and paths so unique.


Most of all, I encourage you to trust yourself and your own experience — especially when it comes to taking in a system like Human Design (or anything for that matter).


Remember that you can learn from ALL of your experiences, including those that result from having taken ‘not the best’ advice!


And whenever you can, follow your open, unburdened and playful heart!



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