Will living my design make me rich?

Before signing up for the Designed to Blossom Program, a wonderful woman (a Generator) asked me a very good question. 

“As a generator, I am supposed to respond to what life offers me. My one dream has been to make a living doing the things I love, but I’ve never made any money from these. My question is – does the course cover how to manage when the things to respond to aren’t what you want or even what you like (i.e. the gut says ‘no’ but the bank account says ‘suck it up, babe’?”

Here was my response. 

I LOVE your question, and certainly relate to it on many levels — as an artist-at-heart who would love to live in a world where something other than money made it go round.


While I do believe that a Human Design practice, and the Designed to Blossom course, address what you’re talking about, the answer may not come in the way your mind might expect.


From a Human Design perspective, the Generator’s path (all of the ‘TYPE’s’ paths, actually) isn’t one that is driven by the mind.


So even the question, “Do I choose to do what brings me money, or do I choose to follow my heart?” is a mental question, one that isn’t necessarily grounded in the moment, or informed by the body’s wisdom.


The true invitation of Human Design is to enter into a deeply energetic, embodied experiment… to dare to allow something other than the mind to direct our life.


Often (in my own life and in my clients’/students’ lives), I’ve found that a new more fulfilling life direction or situation emerges in a very non-linear way, based on a series of tiny decisions and micro-adjustments that the intelligent body (belly, in your case) makes — in each interaction, each situation.


When a person truly practices self-honoring, moment by moment, it can have a profound and pervasive influence on our relationships, careers and creative lives over time.


For Generators like you and me, the process or practice requires ever-increasing levels of self-respect, a willingness to learn how to set healthy limits and to take impassioned risks, and a deepening understanding of the preciousness of our energy.


In my experience, it also requires a willingness to look at those deep subconscious beliefs and attitudes that often drive our decisions instead of our bellies (in HD lingo, the contents of our more open, vulnerable Centers or places in the bodygraph).


The results of our practice can surprise us. As we act with greater self-respect, jobs we’ve hated can turn into ones that we enjoy. Or we can find ourselves playing a new role in an ‘old’ place. Or suddenly (or gradually) a door opens, and we find ourselves making a living, or benefiting from a prosperous life circumstance, that we never could have dreamed up on our own or planned with our heads.


So the actual process of living in alignment with one’s nature (or design) is very grounded and practical.


But the way our lives unfold when we’re living in this way is in many ways magical, and increasingly synchronistic… especially as we drop deeper and deeper into our hearts.


This is where a deep exploration of the Gene Keys can be wonderful.  There is a journey we can take that grounds us in our purpose, opens our hearts, and ultimately paves a path towards prosperity. The timing must be right for us to take this journey. And it’s not for everyone. The more practiced we are in the art of self-trust (a gift that often comes through a Human Design practice), the better we’ll be at assessing the right fit for us, and the right timing.


Perhaps what’s most exciting to me about the Golden Path of the Gene Keys, whether or not you choose to take that path, is the inherent connection Richard Rudd draws between the relationship we have to our gifts, wounds, and the people in our lives, and the relationship we have to ‘money’, or prosperity.  It is only when we heal and release the pain of separation, when we open our hearts and learn how to love and be loved, that we can step into our true life’s purpose, and be sustained by it.


For now, please know that I am holding the vision of you prospering through your creativity, and experiencing genuine flow in your life!


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