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  • Are you longing to BLOSSOM, but you’ve been so busy tending to everyone else’s needs and wishes that you’ve lost touch with your own?
  • Have you mastered the art of giving, but have yet to get the hang of receiving?
  • Have you been pushing your service-mission up a hill for so long that you’ve forgotten how to relax, let go, and go with the flow?
  • Is your wise, inner truth compass continuously drowned out by a sea of stress and other people’s opinions?
  • Despite all of the good that you do, and all of the wonderful people in your life, do you still miss yourself?

If your path has led you here, chances are that your time to blossom has come.  This is why I’m SO GLAD you’re dipping your toes in Designed to Blossom waters, and why it brings me such pleasure to offer you a peek at your unique BLOSSOMING BODYGRAPH.

Your Blossoming Bodygraph will show you:

  • What Flower Family you belong to (Your Type)
  • How you’re designed to grow, relate, respond to and move through the world (Your Strategy)
  • What you can truly count on when it comes to making decisions (Your Authority)
  • What role you’re meant to play in life (Your Profile)
  • Where you are built to be beautifully open and receptive to the people around you, as well as where you can be more vulnerable to conditioning (Your Open Centers)
  • How you’re likely to feel and express yourself when you’re not being true to your authentic Nature (Your Not-Self Theme)

To learn more about the Blossoming Bodygraph,

how it works, and what it can teach you,

check out the video below!

If you’re already feeling ready to make a loving difference in this world without sacrificing your life or your sanity, I invite you to check out the Designed To Blossom ProgramJust click the link above in the menu bar for more information.   

In the end, as you probably know, healthy, happy and well-nourished flowers do a heck of a lot more good for “the Great Human Garden” than withered up, drained and burned out ones!


It’s time to be, trust and bloom into who you are!


See you on the other side!


Fill out the fields below, and then click YES!
(Your information is safe with me!)